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  • Wildlife Trust supports voluntary fishing ban at St Bees to protect breeding seabirds

    Monday 29th January, 2018

    Razorbills. Photo: Alice Trevail

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  • Beautiful stingers reach North West beaches

    Friday 3rd November, 2017

    Portuguese Man-o-War washed up on Walney Island. Photo: Mike Davis

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Great Easter Eggcase Hunt

Monday 26th March 2018,
1.00pm - 2.30pm

Venue: Rossall Promenade

Come and join us for an Easter egg hunt with a twist! We'll be hunting for shark, skate and ray eggcases (mermaid's purses) on the strandline.

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A-Z of Wildlife

Photo of Grey Seal

Name: Grey Seal

Scientific name: Halichoerus grypus

Category: Seals, turtles and other marine mammals

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