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Corkwing wrasse. Photo: Paul NaylorCorkwing wrasse. Photo: Paul Naylor

There are eight local Wildlife Trusts that surround the Irish Sea. Together, we are the largest voluntary organisation dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild places, across the UK and Isle of Man, in the countryside, in cities and at sea.

The Wildlife Trusts - Irish Sea

Each Wildlife Trust is an independent charity is deeply-rooted within the local communities from which it was formed - most were established by local activists determined to save what they could - the last remaining meadows, ancient woods, heaths - in the face of widespread devastation to our natural environment.

We are supported by over 115,000 members, and building on more than 30 years of experience, we are leading the way in marine conservation. At a countrywide-level our campaigns have played a pivotal role in convincing the UK and devolved Governments to pass new laws to protect our seas. Across the Irish Sea, we are inspiring people about marine wildlife and carrying out vital research to help protect basking sharks, dolphins, seals and a whole host of rare and fragile habitats. 

Living Seas - The Wildlife Trusts’ vision

Hedgehog sponge. Photo: Paul NaylorLiving Seas... What picture does this phrase conjure up in your mind? A rocky reef bursting with brightly coloured fish, corals and sponges? A boat trip in the company of leaping dolphins and playful seals? Fishermen hauling nets brimming with big, tasty fish? Living Seas are all these things and more. 

But unfortunately our seas are not Living Seas. Decades of neglect have left them damaged and degraded, a shadow of their former diversity and abundance. We urgently need your help to bring them back to life. The next five years are critical. It is literally ‘make or break’ time. With new laws and Government commitments in the offing, we have a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. If we make the very best of that opportunity, pushing every step of the way, our seas will turn the corner and start to recover their health. If we do not, they will continue on their downward spiral.

What are Living Seas?

Within Living Seas, marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows

Living Seas are The Wildlife Trusts’ vision for the future of the UK’s seas. Within Living Seas, marine wildlife thrives, from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.

In Living Seas: 

  • Wildlife and habitats are recovering from past decline as our use of the seas’ resources becomes environmentally sustainable.
  • The natural environment is adapting well to a changing climate, and ocean processes are helping to slow down climate change.
  • People are inspired by marine wildlife and value the sea for the many ways in which it supports our quality of life.


Irish Sea Marine Advocacy Programme

This website has been developed under the Irish Sea Marine Advocacy programme, a project run by Cumbria Wildlife Trust in collaboration with the Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside and Cheshire Wildlife Trust (together forming the North West Wildlife Trusts). This project is supported by funding from the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and the Peter De Haan Charitable Trust to deliver The Wildlife Trusts Living Seas Vision for the Irish Sea.