We work to conserve the marine wildlife and undersea landscapes of the Irish Sea. But we can't do it alone. We need your help to make sure our seas are safeguarded for the future. There are lots of easy ways you can act for our marine life, so dive in and get involved!

1. Become a Friend of an Marine Conservation Zone

Mud habitats in the Irish Sea are home to diverse communities of marine life. Deep muddy plains may look like deserts but they have the potential to be as diverse as rainforests on land. But these undersea landscapes have already been damaged, fish stocks have declined and species are at risk.

In order to protect our seas, the UK Government are designating a network of Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs) through out English and non-devolved waters – areas of seabed where marine wildlife and habitats are protected.

These, alongside other protected areas, can help give our seas the protection they need to recover and thrive. The Government has already designated 50 sites nationally in two phases (in 2013 and 2016) and has committed to designating a third round of sites by 2018. Four MCZs have been designated in the Irish Sea. Three deepwater mud sites have been put forward to Government as recommended MCZs but have not yet been designated. These sites are needed to complete the network of protected areas in the Irish Sea.

We will be working hard to ensure the third and final round of sites is ambitious enough to give our seas the protection they deserve. But we need your help.

Please join our growing gang of ‘Friends of muddy Marine Conservation Zones’ and help to ensure these precious places get the protection they need.

2. Ask your MP to sign the Marine Charter

Our marine wildlife and habitats urgently need more protection. We are working with other Non-Governmental Organisations to ask politicians sign a Marine Charter calling for a complete network of Marine Protected Areas in UK waters.

Help us achieve cross-party support for Marine Protected Areas in UK seas by 2016. These special areas, like nature reserves in the sea, need to be protected from damaging activities and will ensure we safeguard our seas and marine life for the future. Ask your MP to sign today!