Love my Estuary project

Sunset on Hilbre Island. Photo: Sarah BennettSunset on Hilbre Island. Photo: Sarah Bennett

Cheshire Wildlife Trust are delivering a coastal water quality community engagement ‘Love my Estuary’ project funded by the Environment Agency through the Tidal Dee Catchment Partnership. The Love my Estuary project aims to raise awareness amongst stakeholders of their impact on the local water environment and how that impacts wildlife on the estuary and local bathing waters. The project also aims to facilitate improvement of the water environment through identifying and tackling pollution issues with stakeholders.

Improving the ecological potential of water bodies

Cheshire Wildlife Trust are liaising with stakeholders to identify issues through local knowledge and catchment walkover surveys. Data collected will influence the development of further Tidal Dee Catchment Action Plan projects and inform future funding applications to work with partners to resolve the issues identified.

Raising stakeholder awareness of their impact on the water environment

Through a series of stakeholder events and the creation of a Pollution Prevention Pack Cheshire Wildlife Trust are working with local stakeholders (homeowners, landowners and local businesses) to raise awareness of common water pollution issues and how to tackle them. The "Pollution Prevention Pack" will be made freely available for use by all Catchment Partnerships and their stakeholders around the country.

Hilbre Island. Photo: National Oceanography CentreRed Rocks Nature Reserve. Photo: Sarah Bennett










For more details about the project or to get involved contact Sarah Bennett, Conservation Manager West for Cheshire Wildlife Trust, on 01948 820728 or by email.